We are an experienced company with a creative approach

We have more than 10 years of experience with online sales systems and we operate in five countries on three continents. We accept the most demanding challenges and propose the most optimal solutions in planning and implementation.

Professional IT Solutions and IT development

We have exceptional ideas and a lot of knowledge

Our goal is successful projects

Simplicity is the key to success

We always try to break the problem to the smallest units and each thing is done so that it is as easy to use as possible. Our customers have always been excited about our approach.

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Successfully completed projects

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Organization and striving for success are our key values

Why choose our company Gecko for your project?

Simply – because of our knowledge and expertise. Most customers approach us when major problems on the project begin. We are experts in project management, at the stage of development and in production. Do you have a question? Contact us!

Our work by steps

Cognitive meeting

At the cognitive meeting we meet and overlay the basic ideas of the project.

We think carefully and analyze the work plan

When we understand basic ideas we prepare a work plan and start analysing it.

We work on the project in a shoddy, focused way and with a big dose of energy

Our expert team begins developing of your project with a lot of knowledge, confidence and enthusiasm.

We analyse again and check everything once more

Then we meet again, analyse and check the work done, and make any possible corrections.

When the product is finished, we deliver it to the customer for use

The project is completed and the product is ready for use. We deliver it to the customer and ask for feedback. If necessary, the solution is maintained and upgraded.